Pina & Colada – 2 Precious Kittens!

We knew kitten season was coming up, so as soon as Carly & Joni found their forever home we requested a few foster kittens. Within a few days, I picked up Pina and Colada from their vet. When I picked them up, the vet tech described them to me a ‘grouchy’, but I’m happy to report that they received rave reviews following their last vet checkup.

These little angels were rescued from a Toronto backyard near Dufferin and Eglinton. They were living with their mom and 3 siblings (these 3 currently live in our bathroom) and were rescued at around 8 weeks old.

So, when we got these little fluff balls they were a bit older than some of the kittens we’d previously fostered, and thus required a bit more socialization work. This article is currently my favourite socialization resource, and we’ve found their recommended techniques helpful for Pina & Colada and also for their siblings.

Whenever we have a pair of cats there always seems to be a brave one and a timid one. In this case Colada is the bold adventurer, and she’s become more quickly acclimatized to us. Pina is a little mush ball who loves back scratches, but she’s slower to trust and thus it can take some time to get those scratches started.

Both are adorable and they’re really well behaved for kittens (ie they don’t eat house plants, though they sometimes climb in them).

Check out all the videos of Pina & Colada in our Instagram stories, or watch the video below!

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