Meet Shadow and FluffBunny

This bonded pair of siblings were rescued from a backyard in the west end of Toronto at around 8 weeks old. They would like to be adopted as a pair so that they can stay together.

These fluffy kittens were a bit bewildered by their move to indoor life, but they quickly adjusted and now they are two cuddly kittens who love to play and love attention from their foster parents.

The grey kitten is a boy named Shadow and his sister is FluffBunny. However, their foster parents simply refer to them as ‘little boy’ and ‘little girl’.

In the morning, they come running for wet food, and throughout the day they’re known to crawl up beside or on top of their foster parents, looking for head scratches and belly rubs. They also love to be held, and have been known to fall asleep in their foster parents’ arms or laps. These two constantly play together and nap together, and when Shadow can’t find his sister, he cries out until she comes running.

These two long haired kittens have A LOT of hair, and we would definitely recommend that their forever family schedules them in for regular hair cuts to keep things manageable (for them and for your home).

They are truly such little kittens and they are sure to bring joy to your family! They get along well with other cats and they are comfortable with loud noises and would likely do well in a boisterous household.

Check out their photos below!

Meet Brody!

After a few months of fostering many kittens (we had 5 little kittens in our home at one point), we dialed it back a bit, fostering Brody.

Brody was born in a cat colony in the spring, and when he was rescued it was assumed that he’d be neutered and returned to the colony (TNR’d). However, his rescuer Lesley noticed how friendly he was post-surgery and she decided to keep him with her a few days long to test out her hunch that he was sociable.

She definitely made the right call, because Brody is one friendly little guy!

He’s become a wonderful friend for our cat, Riker. They constantly chase each other and play together, though Brody also loves human attention. When Kevin was away a few weeks ago, Brody made sure to keep me company by snuggling up beside me on our bed.

Brody is beautiful and friendly black cat, with a velvety coat of fur. He’d be an ideal fit for a home with other cats, young or old.

See below for a photos and a video of Brody!

Pina & Colada – 2 Precious Kittens!

We knew kitten season was coming up, so as soon as Carly & Joni found their forever home we requested a few foster kittens. Within a few days, I picked up Pina and Colada from their vet. When I picked them up, the vet tech described them to me a ‘grouchy’, but I’m happy to report that they received rave reviews following their last vet checkup.

These little angels were rescued from a Toronto backyard near Dufferin and Eglinton. They were living with their mom and 3 siblings (these 3 currently live in our bathroom) and were rescued at around 8 weeks old.

So, when we got these little fluff balls they were a bit older than some of the kittens we’d previously fostered, and thus required a bit more socialization work. This article is currently my favourite socialization resource, and we’ve found their recommended techniques helpful for Pina & Colada and also for their siblings.

Whenever we have a pair of cats there always seems to be a brave one and a timid one. In this case Colada is the bold adventurer, and she’s become more quickly acclimatized to us. Pina is a little mush ball who loves back scratches, but she’s slower to trust and thus it can take some time to get those scratches started.

Both are adorable and they’re really well behaved for kittens (ie they don’t eat house plants, though they sometimes climb in them).

Check out all the videos of Pina & Colada in our Instagram stories, or watch the video below!

Meet Carly + Joni – A Beautiful Bonded Pair!

Carly & Joni hail from the West End of Toronto, where they started out life in a neighbourhood backyard. Garage/backyard living didn’t quite fit their needs, and eventually they ended up with the Annex Cat Rescue.

These two sisters are the exact definition of a bonded pair. When one can’t find the other, she starts to cry out, and the ‘missing sister’ comes running! These two really are best friends, and would need to be adopted into a loving home together.

Their life is so in sync that they actually have a consistent daily schedule. In the mornings, Carly plays while Joni watches. Then they both spend several hours napping. Eventually, they wake up for their afternoon stretch. Carly comes to Joni, and together they walk around their foster family’s home. In the evenings, as the family eats dinner, they explore all the interesting smells in the kitchen.

Of the two sisters, Joni (the grey one) is by far the most reserved. She is a truly stunning cat, with a luxurious grey coat, but she doesn’t like to be petted just yet – though in the right mood she will gladly eat treats from your hand!

Carly, the black cat, is definitely the adventurous sister, which perhaps is how she ended up losing part of her tail. She is adorable and friendly and curious, and loves to have her head scratched. While you make coffee in the morning, she will rub up against your legs. She also loves a good brushing, and of course comes running for treats. Carly is always looking for someone to play with, whether that’s her foster parents or her sister. She also does this really cute thing where she ‘kneads’ the blanket on the couch – if she’s not playing, she’s seeking out comfort!

These two lovely ladies would be a great fit for any home, and would be a good fit for someone who already has a cat, or who is looking to bring some cats into their quiet home. Given Joni’s penchant for hiding, we think she would do best in a smaller home, like a condo or an apartment.

If you’re looking for 2 beautiful cats to up the cuteness quotient in your home, Joni & Carly are the cats for you!

Check out some of the photos and videos we’ve captured of our furry friends:

Meet Rocky – An Annex Cat Rescue Cat Looking for a Forever Home (with cats!)

Rocky is a sweet little cat who was rescued, along with several siblings, from the alleyway behind a bar in North York. We picked her up in January and she has been making herself at home ever since. Like all our other cats, she spends most of her day napping, but with the right toy she is good for some energetic playing as well.

Since her rescue, Rocky has adapted well to indoor living. She loves to nap in a ‘sunspot’, especially on the couch. She enjoys eating treats out of her foster mom’s hand, and enjoys a good belly rub from her foster dad. If you’re quiet, she’ll sit beside you on the couch. Loud and/or sudden movements can startle her a bit, but once she relaxes she’ll come back around.

Despite being a bit of a shy cat, she is also quite adorable. Rocky has the cutest little orange patch on her forehead, and her favourite activity is to follow around her foster brother, Riker (who she spends most of her day sitting on top of). If you have a cat who’s in need of a friend, Rocky would be the perfect partner. Her foster parents can’t get enough of how cute she is with the older cat in the home – rubbing, climbing, cleaning, etc. So much love!

Because she was used to living with all her siblings, Rocky was quite happy to find herself in a foster home with a few other cats for her to snuggle up with. She would be well suited to a patient home that already has 1 or 2 cats. With a loving cat sibling, Rocky will grow to be a wonderfully sweet adult cat.

Check out some photos and videos of Rocky!

Highlights of our friend Ferguson

After fostering Kenneth & Jack we took a bit of a break so that we could go on a long vacation without worrying about our foster cats. A week after we got back from our trip, the same day that we were scheduled to pick up Daisy & Tillie, we were having lunch in our neighbourhood when we saw a young woman walking down the street holding a kitten.

I waved at them, and she asked ‘do you want him?’

Right away, Kevin knew this was a potential foster for us. I chatted with the young woman for a bit, explained to her about how we foster for the ACR, and I put my number in her phone.

She said she had found the kitten wandering in an alleyway near Queen and Spadina. I first saw her 2km away from that site, and I was impressed that the little kitten allowed her to carry him so far. She wasn’t sure what to do with him, but I encouraged her to text me if she didn’t want to keep him and that we’d get him all the care he needed.

2 hours later, he was living in our bathroom. Within a few days he was an official Annex Cat Rescue cat, on the path to good health and a great life.

We fostered this little guy for 4 months, and every day was a treat. He was so cute and adventurous and friendly. Fortunately, he was adopted by friends of ours, so we still get to see him once in awhile.

As you’ll see in our photos and videos, Ferguson loves people. It was was very typical for him to climb on top of anyone sitting on the couch, starting by sitting as close beside them as possible an eventually ending up on their chest. He’s so small and loveable, we were constantly picking him for some kitten cuddling. In terms of personality and cuteness, he was definitely one of the best cats we’ve fostered.

See below for photos and of little Ferguson as he grew with us! (Originally he was named Oscar, then we changed it to Kiko, and then he became Ferguson once adopted).

Shout Out to the Amazing Daisy & Tillie

We didn’t have these 2 amazing cats for very long, so we only have a few photos and videos of them. Daisy & Tillie were around 3 years old, and had been returned to the ACR by an older woman who had adopted them. She found their energy to be a bit much to handle, so she sent them back, along with all the many toys and goodies that she’d bought in hopes of placating their energy.

We were lucky enough to foster these 2 angles for a couple of weeks, and while they were more adventurous than your typical cats, we found most of their energy went into sharing love, with us and with each other.

Daisy (the black and white cat) and Tillie (the grey one) were a pair of bonded sisters, and they had the most luxurious coats. We used to love watching them lounge around. They were immediately friendly and made themselves right at home. Once they were adopted, they settled in similarly well.

See below for photos of Daisy & Tillie!

Meet Jack & Kenneth – A Pair of Bonded Kittens!

We were having so much fun fostering Claire that we were also interested in adding a few extra kittens into the mix. When one of our ACR contacts texted me to say she was fostering a mom and 6 kittens, and would we take 2 of them? … my immediate answer was ‘yes!’.

Meet Kenneth & Jack: an adorable pair of bonded ginger kittens.

Much like Claire, these two arrived in good spirits. They were adventurous and loving from the start. And in a home where they get picked up and snuggled often, they’re blooming into very loving cats.

I was told they were lap cats, and that has proven to be quite true. Both of them cry for two reasons:

1. they can’t find each other

2. they can see you’re not busy and yet they haven’t been petted lately

If we’re relaxing in bed or on the couch, it’s never long before we’re joined by these little guys and their very cold noses.

If you’re looking to bring a pair of adorable, attention-loving kittens into your home, look no further. Kenneth and Jack are the ones for you!

Contact for more information on how these two best friends can become your best friends.

Meet Claire! An Adorable Kitten Available for Adoption

After hosting our friend Frankie for so long, we thought it would be fun to foster a kitten for a bit. On a Friday night I texted our ACR coordinator to let her know we had room for a kitten, and within 24 hours Claire was living in our bathroom!

This little angel was rescued in Toronto near Caledonia and St Clair, hence the name.

She has grown quite a bit since living with us, but one thing that has not changed is her complete and total lovability. She is one of the most adorable, fluffy, and loving cats we have ever fostered.

When Claire needs love she’ll find you, and she’ll happily snuggle up on your lap for hours. Within a week of living with us she was spending all night sleeping on our bed.

She also gets along great with other cats. Even when she was a tiny kitten we were amazing by how strong and adventurous she was, as she would run and jump to tackle our cat, Riker, who is 4x her size.

Claire gets ‘fixed’ next week and then will be ready for adoption. Check out the video and photos below of this adorable little kitten!

Interested in adopting her? Contact today!

Kittens Galore!

After nearly 6 months living with us, Frankie was adopted and moved to his forever home. Since spring/summer is typically ‘kitten season’, we reached out to the Annex Cat Rescue to find out if there were any kittens available.

Our favourite rescuer, Liz, was quick to match us with a sweet little kitten named Nomi. She was rescued from the Caledonia and St Clair area, so we’ve taken to calling her Clair.

Clair is outrageously cute and affectionate. She’s also incredibly strong and brave. She was so tiny when she arrived that we kept her in the bathroom. After a week of growing, we felt she was ready to explore the big wide world of our condo, and we let her loose upon our home. She was quick to explore it all, and almost immediately began pouncing on Riker – who was approximately 70% bigger than her at the time. She also loves attention, and will cuddle up with us while we’re reading at night. She sleeps on our bed too, and we both have a few light scratches from when we rolled over onto her during the night.

Last week, another of our ACR faves, Laura, reached out to see if we’d be able to take in 2 additional kittens: Kenneth and Jack. Of course we said yes!

Kenneth and Jack come from a litter of 6 kittens, all of whom are named after 30 Rock characters. These little orange babies are every bit as friendly and active as Clair. Jack is a bit shy, but both love to be cuddled, and chase each other around for hours. They’ve also both taken to sleeping on my pillow, so my position in bed is a bit in flux!

Clair wasn’t too impressed when they first arrived, but all 3 kittens are now friends. They are little monsters at this point, running all around and jumping all over the furniture. Riker is still a bit bewildered by all the action, but I’m sure that within a couple of days things will calm down and he’ll be playing ‘big brother’ to all of them.

Check out these photos of our current cat zoo inhabitants! These little guys aren’t up for adoption yet, but they will be soon!