Meet Keke & Nico – 2 Little Kittens!

Spring and summer are prime kitten season, and we’re very pleased to be fostering two adorable little baby cats, Nico and Keke.

Monique was recently adopted, and so we are fostering two new little friends for Riker.

This brother sister combo are approx. 3 months old, and were born in a non-ACR foster colony. They were a bit of a wreck when they first were rescued, but were well on their way to health and happiness when we picked them up.

They were originally called Rocket and Banana Bread, but we quickly renamed them after the father-son Formula One race drivers, Nico and Keke Rosberg (we originally thought that Keke was a boy).

We’re also extremely pleased to see that the kittens are so in love with Riker, and he’s doing a great job of being a ‘big brother’ to these two.

Nico, the one with the pink paws and white nose, is a bit more wary of people. His sister Keke, with little black paws and a smudge on her nose, is a bit more adventurous and willing to snuggle.

Check out photos below!

Meet Monique!

Monique, or “Mo”, is the sweetest little roommate that you could ask for. She’s a graceful and adventurous cat, who loves to explore new heights, and is often found on top of the fridge where she keeps watch on her foster family’s home.

When she came to us, she was wary of people, but she’s quickly warmed up to us. When we’re in the washroom brushing our teeth, etc, she’s just outside the door checking us out.

Monique is mostly quiet, but makes the adorable little bird-like mews when she’s ready to be petted. Every morning she gets up on the counter and puts her tail in the air, mewing, to let us know that she’s ready for her daily scratches.

At night, she’ll crawl onto the end of her foster parents’ bed and play with their feet before cuddling up with our cat, Riker. Monique would be great with other pets or with kids. She’s a sweet little cat who’s happy as long as she has space to roam and a high spot to explore.

Monique is a beautiful and sweet little cat, and we’re sure her new family will love having her in their home.

Check out more photos of Monique:

Introducing Blake and Jacqueline.

After Bella Mae was adopted, Riker moped around the house while we coordinate the arrival of our newest fur babies.

Originally called Timbit and London Fog, we’ve since renamed them Blake and Jacquie.

These little kittens are about 4 months old. They were rescued at 3 months old from cat colony near a mechanic shop on Weston Rd. Once they were rescued, they lived with another ACR volunteer for about a month while they were getting back into full health. When they were ready to get more socialization, they moved in with us.

Because they spent so much of their early lives outside, this brother and sister pair were quite afraid people when they first moved in. Fortunately, they fell in love with Riker immediately, and he’s helped them become comfortable in our home.

Now, 4 weeks later, they’re becoming more sociable by the day.

Despite their initial unwillingness to get up close and personal with us, these kittens are adorable.

Blake has a bold and curious little personality. It’s clear that he was adept at living on the streets, because he has a keen nose for food. He knows how to open a pizza box, and more than once we’ve seen him rooting through the garbage.

Jacquie is much more shy than Blake, though she loves to play, and loves to find a comfy spot to nap. She’s curious, but likes to let Blake lead any new adventures.

Both of these little kittens are lively and loving. The spend their mornings and evenings chasing each other around our home, and spend all day cleaning each other, and napping together.

Check out photos of these fur babies below!

kittens are kittens.

Good News for Bella Mae!

It’s been a few months since our friend Bella joined us here in our little cat zoo. It’s been an interesting time.

For her first 2 weeks here, we never saw her away from her spot under the bed, though we did hear her moving around at night when we were in bed.

Slowly but surely, Bella has become an active member of our household. She loves to be petted, she loves eating wet food and treats, and she loves to play with the ‘feather’ cat toy. She also likes to taste test any food we’re eating on the coffee table – a sure sign of a former outdoor cat.

Bella is ridiculously cute, which is why we’re not surprised that she’s been adopted! Bella moves to her new home this week. We’ll be sad to see her go, but we’re sure we’ll have some cute new friends for Riker soon.

These latest photos of Bella show just how comfortable she’s become with the indoor cat life:

Meet Bella Mae

We’ve been fostering Bella Mae since mid-December.

Our go to ACR foster expert and cat rescuer extraordinaire, Liz, rescued Bella from a situation where she was living in a suburban backyard.

After moving around a bit to different foster homes, she was very cautious in our home, but has slowly warmed up.

We started off by calling Bella our little vampire cat. Why? She has the cutest little snaggletooth, makes these hilarious hissing noises if you stress her out, and almost exclusively came out from under the bed at night.

Now that she’s relaxed in our home we see Bella out and about our condo on a regular basis. She typically spends the afternoon napping on our couch. In the evenings, while we read, she naps on a nearby chair.

Of course, she also loves to play with our kitten, Riker, and started grooming him for the first time last week. Bella would be a great cat in a quiet home willing to be patient with her. She would also do well with a family that already has cats. She’s the quietest cat we’ve ever fostered, and we think of her as the perfect roommate.

While she so far dislikes/avoids physical contact with us, she’s happy to be nearby, especially if we’re feeding her treats! Over time, we expect she’d be comfortable enough for some cuddling.

Interested in Bella? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue @!