Introducing: Frankie!

We’ve been fostering this little angel for a few months now. In early January both Carly and Michael Burnham were adopted. And Michael Burnham was actually adopted by someone who works on the set of the new Star Trek show… meaning Michael Burnham the cat might one day meet the very talent Sonequa Martin-Green who plays Michael Burnham the character. Always a wild ride here with our cats. Wild is a relative term, obvi.

Anyways, after a few days with only 1 cat in the home Riker was again driving us up the wall with his need for attention. Enter: Frankie. The largest cat we’ve ever seen. He’s strong and he loves people.

Joke’s on us. Now we have 2 cats constantly competing for our attention.

Frankie loves affection and demands attention constantly. And yet he is the sweetest and most gentle cat. Nothing makes him nervous and he’d be a great fit for a family with young children. Your toddler could never make this guy upset, but he might finally tire him out!

When we’re sitting in bed reading each evening we now expect Frankie to join us. He crawls up between us and demands that we both scratch him? Demand how? When one of us starts scratching him, the puts a paw insistently the other person, as if to say ‘hello? are you busy?!’ The same routine repeats in the morning as soon as he hears us stirring.

He’s not listed on the Annex Cat Rescue site yet but I’m sure he’ll go fast once he is. See below for photos of our new(ish) furry friend!


Cats on cats on cats!

We currently have 3 cats in condo, two of who are foster cats: Michael Burnham and Carly.

We’ve had Michael for over a month, and Carly for just over 2 weeks. These cats are so cute and all getting along quite well.

The three cats can make quite a bit of noise at night, but they’re so cute that we don’t mind. Every morning around 4am, Michael Burnham climbs onto the bed and spends a few hours sleeping on one of our pillows, just above our heads, between us. It’s pretty darn cute.

Here are the latest photos of our little cat zoo!


Meet Carly – A Fancy Little Kitten

We first started fostering because our cat, Luc, was lonely and needed a friend to play with. Luc now lives with my parents, and Riker is our new “big brother” cat. Much like Luc, Riker needs a lot of attention. And when we have a foster cat who doesn’t pay him enough attention, he comes crying to us to make up the difference.

Since we started fostering the lovely Michael Burnham, Riker has been waking us up at 5am to scratch him. Why? Because Michael Burnham prefers a low key life, and is not interested in playing with him.

And so, we asked the Annex Cat Rescue to connect us with an additional foster kitten, and they sent us the beautiful Carly.

This little kitten was 1 of 6 feral kittens born in a Toronto backyard in the fall. Only she and her brother survived their first few weeks, and now she’s living with us. She’s the cutest little thing, and we’re so pleased to have her. Riker has already taken her under his wing, so everyone’s happy in this house.

Meet Michael Burnham: A Friendly Senior Cat

For the past year, we’ve primarily fostered kittens, or cats who were approximately Riker’s age. Often foster kittens can require a lot of hands-on attention, so after Hawksley was adopted, we asked the ACR if we could foster someone a bit low maintenance.

Enter: Michael Burnham, formerly known as Snorlax.

Before we began fostering this lovely lady cat, she was surrendered to the vet due to health reasons. A large cat at 20 pounds, she ate a small piece of plastic. Within a month, she’d lost half her weight and ended up at the vet in desperate need of surgery. After her surgery was completed and she’d had some time to heal, she was allocated to us, and I picked her up at the vet.

From the moment that I brought her into our condo and opened the cat carrier she has been perfectly comfortable and made herself at home.

Most new foster cats make a beeline for under the couch, but not Michael Burnham. She strolled around, checked things out, looked out the window, and then sad down to sun herself.

Of all the cats we’ve ever fostered, she’s one of the most friendly we’ve ever had. In the evenings she sits with us on the couch, and nudges up on us until we pet her. She’s also been known to climb into bed with us and sleep on the pillow, just above our heads.

With her new svelte figure, the name Snorlax no longer made sense. Keeping with our Star Trek theme, we’re calling her Michael Burnham, after the lead character in the new Star Trek: Discovery series. Much like Michael Burnham, she’s a bold little survivor, who’s quite smart, though not always sure how to get along with others (while this cat loves Kevin and I, she has yet to befriend Riker, who is (naturally) desperate for her attention).

Any family looking for a great cat to settle in with them would be wise to adopt Michael Burnham. She’s a wonderful, beautiful pet, who loves attention and loves to eat.

See photos below!

Hawksley is ready for adoption!

Many of the kittens we foster require quite a bit of socialization work, so there’s usually a few months between when we take in a new kitten and when we put them up for adoption. Today is the day that we’ve decided Hawksley is finally ready to find his forever home, which means he’ll be listed on the Annex Cat Rescue site soon.

Here’s his “official” bio, his video, and some new photos!

This precious little kitten was dropped off on the doorstep of an Annex Cat Rescue volunteer. He and his siblings seemed to have been born into a home, but weren’t well-cared for. As a result, he’s been shy adjusting to life with people, but he trusts us more everyday.

Hawksley absolutely loves his current foster brother, our in-house cat named Riker. Wherever Riker goes, Hawksley is right behind. They spend most of their days lounging together, playing together, cleaning each other. Hawksley is a very playful kitten, who loves to play with other cats, and with toys.

He’ll play with us for long stretches of time, especially if we bring out the “feather” toy. When he’s feeling nice and calm, Hawksley really loves to be scratched. And once you start rubbing under his chin, he’ll melt in your arms. And the purring that starts when you’re rubbing his belly is a real delight. Start petting this little angel and his tail will be wagging in no time.

Hawksley is a great fit for a home with another cat looking for a friend. He is most comfortable with a furry friend to show him the ropes and teach him how to live his best cat life.

Interested in adopting Hawksley? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue today!

Meet Our Newest Foster Kitten: Hawksley!

A few weeks ago, Keke and Nico were adopted by a lovely couple, and moved up to Davisville. We were sad to see them go, and so was Riker, who spent the next several days demanding lots of attention. To satisfy him, we scooped up a new foster kitten right away.

Enter, Hawksley (named for Hawksley Workman, obviously). Hawksley and his 2 siblings were dropped off, at 11 weeks old, on the doorstep of one of the Annex Cat Rescue rescuers. These poor little babies had clearly been abused, but were not feral, just afraid of people. We considered fostering all 3 of them, but decided that our place wasn’t quite big enough for such an undertaking.

And so, a few weeks ago, we picked up Hawksley and brought him to our home. He immediately took a liking to Riker, and spends most of his days following him around, and snuggling up beside him for nap time and cleaning time.

He’s nervous about people, but once you get him in your arms, he absolutely loves a good scratch. We’re sure it won’t be long before he’s jumping up on the bed in search of belly rubs.

Check out our photos of his first few weeks with us and his bff Riker!

Keke & Nico – Still Here, Still Cute!

Keke and Nico are getting cuter by the day. It used to be that just Riker woke us up in the morning, but Keke and Nico have now joined in as well. Once we start stirring, they’re up on the bed to see what’s going on. And as soon as we’re in the kitchen making coffee, they’re on the counter or around our feet, in a chorus of meows, asking for wet food.

Of course, closer proximity also means better photos. Take a look!

Interested in adopting this little kittens in Toronto? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue!