Meet Carly + Joni – A Beautiful Bonded Pair!

Carly & Joni hail from the West End of Toronto, where they started out life in a neighbourhood backyard. Garage/backyard living didn’t quite fit their needs, and eventually they ended up with the Annex Cat Rescue.

These two sisters are the exact definition of a bonded pair. When one can’t find the other, she starts to cry out, and the ‘missing sister’ comes running! These two really are best friends, and would need to be adopted into a loving home together.

Their life is so in sync that they actually have a consistent daily schedule. In the mornings, Carly plays while Joni watches. Then they both spend several hours napping. Eventually, they wake up for their afternoon stretch. Carly comes to Joni, and together they walk around their foster family’s home. In the evenings, as the family eats dinner, they explore all the interesting smells in the kitchen.

Of the two sisters, Joni (the grey one) is by far the most reserved. She is a truly stunning cat, with a luxurious grey coat, but she doesn’t like to be petted just yet – though in the right mood she will gladly eat treats from your hand!

Carly, the black cat, is definitely the adventurous sister, which perhaps is how she ended up losing part of her tail. She is adorable and friendly and curious, and loves to have her head scratched. While you make coffee in the morning, she will rub up against your legs. She also loves a good brushing, and of course comes running for treats. Carly is always looking for someone to play with, whether that’s her foster parents or her sister. She also does this really cute thing where she ‘kneads’ the blanket on the couch – if she’s not playing, she’s seeking out comfort!

These two lovely ladies would be a great fit for any home, and would be a good fit for someone who already has a cat, or who is looking to bring some cats into their quiet home. Given Joni’s penchant for hiding, we think she would do best in a smaller home, like a condo or an apartment.

If you’re looking for 2 beautiful cats to up the cuteness quotient in your home, Joni & Carly are the cats for you!

Check out some of the photos and videos we’ve captured of our furry friends:


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