Meet Brody!

After a few months of fostering many kittens (we had 5 little kittens in our home at one point), we dialed it back a bit, fostering Brody.

Brody was born in a cat colony in the spring, and when he was rescued it was assumed that he’d be neutered and returned to the colony (TNR’d). However, his rescuer Lesley noticed how friendly he was post-surgery and she decided to keep him with her a few days long to test out her hunch that he was sociable.

She definitely made the right call, because Brody is one friendly little guy!

He’s become a wonderful friend for our cat, Riker. They constantly chase each other and play together, though Brody also loves human attention. When Kevin was away a few weeks ago, Brody made sure to keep me company by snuggling up beside me on our bed.

Brody is beautiful and friendly black cat, with a velvety coat of fur. He’d be an ideal fit for a home with other cats, young or old.

See below for a photos and a video of Brody!

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