Yoda can jump so high!!!

Our foster cats always love to “chase birds” aka play with our feather wand. Watch Yoda leap to catch it! Interested in welcoming Yoda into your Forever Home? Reach out to the Annex Cat Rescue at adopt@annexcatrescue.ca


Interested in adopting Yoda?

Yoda chasing feet under the bedsheets!

Earlier this year I spent some time working from home. While typing away in bed, I was often visited by my curious little friend, Yoda. He’s looking for a forever home! Interested in adopting him? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue at adopt@annexcatrescue.ca

Yoda being cleaned by Jean Luc Picard (now there’s something you’ve never imagined!)

Yoda is a foster cat with the Annex Cat Rescue, looking for a forever home. When he first arrived in our home, Luc took Yoda under his wing and made Yoda feel at home by keeping him clean. Interested in having Yoda join your family? Contact adopt@annexcatrescue.ca

Marylou: A cat that plays fetch!

Our lovely little foster friend Marylou is an active little lady with many talents. One of our personal favourites is her love of playing “fetch”. We’ve never seen a cat do this before, and we find it adorable/hilarious. Because, you know, cats acting like dogs. Check it out below!

Kittens chasing a bird indoors!

Okay, so maybe it’s not really a bird, but they don’t know that! Check out these graceful little kittens going wild chasing a feather wand. They jump and flip so high! Keep your eyes peeled for Jean Luc slinking through. The feather wand is his favourite toy, but he hates sharing our attention and won’t play when the kittens are playing.