Jean Luc Picard

Updated: Jean Luc Picard currently lives with my parents. When we were travelling, he moved in with them, and so won them over that he’s a permanent member of the household. We visit him often, but he’s living the high live in a manse, and wouldn’t adapt well to condo living (too much of a prince with his 5+ beds & water fountain!). He’s still as gorgeous as ever, but won’t be featured on the blog as much as he was in days past.

This is Jean Luc Picard, our fourth roommate and resident Lion! He’s the most social cat you’ll ever meet – he’s always game to make new human and feline friends. When he’s not being adorable, he enjoys scratching furniture and eating flowers. Luc loves his cat friends and is always happy when we bring someone new into the apartment for him to play with. We do our best to socialize the young cats we foster, and Luc is a big part of this. You’ll often see him in photos with the other cats on the site because he’s always playing with or loving them.


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