Hawksley is ready for adoption!

Many of the kittens we foster require quite a bit of socialization work, so there’s usually a few months between when we take in a new kitten and when we put them up for adoption. Today is the day that we’ve decided Hawksley is finally ready to find his forever home, which means he’ll be listed on the Annex Cat Rescue site soon.

Here’s his “official” bio, his video, and some new photos!

This precious little kitten was dropped off on the doorstep of an Annex Cat Rescue volunteer. He and his siblings seemed to have been born into a home, but weren’t well-cared for. As a result, he’s been shy adjusting to life with people, but he trusts us more everyday.

Hawksley absolutely loves his current foster brother, our in-house cat named Riker. Wherever Riker goes, Hawksley is right behind. They spend most of their days lounging together, playing together, cleaning each other. Hawksley is a very playful kitten, who loves to play with other cats, and with toys.

He’ll play with us for long stretches of time, especially if we bring out the “feather” toy. When he’s feeling nice and calm, Hawksley really loves to be scratched. And once you start rubbing under his chin, he’ll melt in your arms. And the purring that starts when you’re rubbing his belly is a real delight. Start petting this little angel and his tail will be wagging in no time.

Hawksley is a great fit for a home with another cat looking for a friend. He is most comfortable with a furry friend to show him the ropes and teach him how to live his best cat life.

Interested in adopting Hawksley? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue today!


Meet Our Newest Foster Kitten: Hawksley!

A few weeks ago, Keke and Nico were adopted by a lovely couple, and moved up to Davisville. We were sad to see them go, and so was Riker, who spent the next several days demanding lots of attention. To satisfy him, we scooped up a new foster kitten right away.

Enter, Hawksley (named for Hawksley Workman, obviously). Hawksley and his 2 siblings were dropped off, at 11 weeks old, on the doorstep of one of the Annex Cat Rescue rescuers. These poor little babies had clearly been abused, but were not feral, just afraid of people. We considered fostering all 3 of them, but decided that our place wasn’t quite big enough for such an undertaking.

And so, a few weeks ago, we picked up Hawksley and brought him to our home. He immediately took a liking to Riker, and spends most of his days following him around, and snuggling up beside him for nap time and cleaning time.

He’s nervous about people, but once you get him in your arms, he absolutely loves a good scratch. We’re sure it won’t be long before he’s jumping up on the bed in search of belly rubs.

Check out our photos of his first few weeks with us and his bff Riker!

Keke & Nico – Still Here, Still Cute!

Keke and Nico are getting cuter by the day. It used to be that just Riker woke us up in the morning, but Keke and Nico have now joined in as well. Once we start stirring, they’re up on the bed to see what’s going on. And as soon as we’re in the kitchen making coffee, they’re on the counter or around our feet, in a chorus of meows, asking for wet food.

Of course, closer proximity also means better photos. Take a look!

Interested in adopting this little kittens in Toronto? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue!

An Update on Keke & Nico – 2 Kittens Ready for Adoption!

It’s been a month since our last update on these little fur babies, and they’ve come so far!

They’re still a tiny bit wary of contact if you sneak up on them or you come in a bit too quickly, but Keke and Nico are now very comfortable in our home. Perhaps a bit too comfortable – these two are extremely active and sometimes it feels as though they’re actually running this household! We’ve had to put a small barrier around our wine rack, and it’s become common to see Keke scaling our fig bush.

That said, Keke and Nico are extremely cute and we love having them here. They adore our cat, Riker, and the three of them spend much of their day napping on top of each other.

In the evenings, when we climb into bed to read, it’s not long before all three cats join us. They alternate between chasing our legs/feet under the bedspread, and sleeping in our laps.

These 2 are the most bonded kittens we’ve ever fostered, and they are always close to one another. Our condo isn’t huge, but if one can’t find the other, the crying begins right away.

Last week Keke was spayed and Nico was neutered (shout out to the awesome teams at the Roncy Village Vet Hospital!), which means they’re now ready for adoption.

If you’d like these 2 active bonded kittens, contact the Annex Cat Rescue at adoption@annexcatrescue.ca to meet them!

Here are the latest photos of our little friends:

Meet Keke & Nico – 2 Little Kittens!

Spring and summer are prime kitten season, and we’re very pleased to be fostering two adorable little baby cats, Nico and Keke.

Monique was recently adopted, and so we are fostering two new little friends for Riker.

This brother sister combo are approx. 3 months old, and were born in a non-ACR foster colony. They were a bit of a wreck when they first were rescued, but were well on their way to health and happiness when we picked them up.

They were originally called Rocket and Banana Bread, but we quickly renamed them after the father-son Formula One race drivers, Nico and Keke Rosberg (we originally thought that Keke was a boy).

We’re also extremely pleased to see that the kittens are so in love with Riker, and he’s doing a great job of being a ‘big brother’ to these two.

Nico, the one with the pink paws and white nose, is a bit more wary of people. His sister Keke, with little black paws and a smudge on her nose, is a bit more adventurous and willing to snuggle.

Check out photos below!

Meet Monique!

Monique, or “Mo”, is the sweetest little roommate that you could ask for. She’s a graceful and adventurous cat, who loves to explore new heights, and is often found on top of the fridge where she keeps watch on her foster family’s home.

When she came to us, she was wary of people, but she’s quickly warmed up to us. When we’re in the washroom brushing our teeth, etc, she’s just outside the door checking us out.

Monique is mostly quiet, but makes the adorable little bird-like mews when she’s ready to be petted. Every morning she gets up on the counter and puts her tail in the air, mewing, to let us know that she’s ready for her daily scratches.

At night, she’ll crawl onto the end of her foster parents’ bed and play with their feet before cuddling up with our cat, Riker. Monique would be great with other pets or with kids. She’s a sweet little cat who’s happy as long as she has space to roam and a high spot to explore.

Monique is a beautiful and sweet little cat, and we’re sure her new family will love having her in their home.

Check out more photos of Monique: