Shout Out to the Amazing Daisy & Tillie

We didn’t have these 2 amazing cats for very long, so we only have a few photos and videos of them. Daisy & Tillie were around 3 years old, and had been returned to the ACR by an older woman who had adopted them. She found their energy to be a bit much to handle, so she sent them back, along with all the many toys and goodies that she’d bought in hopes of placating their energy.

We were lucky enough to foster these 2 angles for a couple of weeks, and while they were more adventurous than your typical cats, we found most of their energy went into sharing love, with us and with each other.

Daisy (the black and white cat) and Tillie (the grey one) were a pair of bonded sisters, and they had the most luxurious coats. We used to love watching them lounge around. They were immediately friendly and made themselves right at home. Once they were adopted, they settled in similarly well.

See below for photos of Daisy & Tillie!

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