Highlights of our friend Ferguson

After fostering Kenneth & Jack we took a bit of a break so that we could go on a long vacation without worrying about our foster cats. A week after we got back from our trip, the same day that we were scheduled to pick up Daisy & Tillie, we were having lunch in our neighbourhood when we saw a young woman walking down the street holding a kitten.

I waved at them, and she asked ‘do you want him?’

Right away, Kevin knew this was a potential foster for us. I chatted with the young woman for a bit, explained to her about how we foster for the ACR, and I put my number in her phone.

She said she had found the kitten wandering in an alleyway near Queen and Spadina. I first saw her 2km away from that site, and I was impressed that the little kitten allowed her to carry him so far. She wasn’t sure what to do with him, but I encouraged her to text me if she didn’t want to keep him and that we’d get him all the care he needed.

2 hours later, he was living in our bathroom. Within a few days he was an official Annex Cat Rescue cat, on the path to good health and a great life.

We fostered this little guy for 4 months, and every day was a treat. He was so cute and adventurous and friendly. Fortunately, he was adopted by friends of ours, so we still get to see him once in awhile.

As you’ll see in our photos and videos, Ferguson loves people. It was was very typical for him to climb on top of anyone sitting on the couch, starting by sitting as close beside them as possible an eventually ending up on their chest. He’s so small and loveable, we were constantly picking him for some kitten cuddling. In terms of personality and cuteness, he was definitely one of the best cats we’ve fostered.

See below for photos and of little Ferguson as he grew with us! (Originally he was named Oscar, then we changed it to Kiko, and then he became Ferguson once adopted).

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