Meet Jack & Kenneth – A Pair of Bonded Kittens!

We were having so much fun fostering Claire that we were also interested in adding a few extra kittens into the mix. When one of our ACR contacts texted me to say she was fostering a mom and 6 kittens, and would we take 2 of them? … my immediate answer was ‘yes!’.

Meet Kenneth & Jack: an adorable pair of bonded ginger kittens.

Much like Claire, these two arrived in good spirits. They were adventurous and loving from the start. And in a home where they get picked up and snuggled often, they’re blooming into very loving cats.

I was told they were lap cats, and that has proven to be quite true. Both of them cry for two reasons:

1. they can’t find each other

2. they can see you’re not busy and yet they haven’t been petted lately

If we’re relaxing in bed or on the couch, it’s never long before we’re joined by these little guys and their very cold noses.

If you’re looking to bring a pair of adorable, attention-loving kittens into your home, look no further. Kenneth and Jack are the ones for you!

Contact for more information on how these two best friends can become your best friends.


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