Meet Monique!

Monique, or “Mo”, is the sweetest little roommate that you could ask for. She’s a graceful and adventurous cat, who loves to explore new heights, and is often found on top of the fridge where she keeps watch on her foster family’s home.

When she came to us, she was wary of people, but she’s quickly warmed up to us. When we’re in the washroom brushing our teeth, etc, she’s just outside the door checking us out.

Monique is mostly quiet, but makes the adorable little bird-like mews when she’s ready to be petted. Every morning she gets up on the counter and puts her tail in the air, mewing, to let us know that she’s ready for her daily scratches.

At night, she’ll crawl onto the end of her foster parents’ bed and play with their feet before cuddling up with our cat, Riker. Monique would be great with other pets or with kids. She’s a sweet little cat who’s happy as long as she has space to roam and a high spot to explore.

Monique is a beautiful and sweet little cat, and we’re sure her new family will love having her in their home.

Check out more photos of Monique:


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