Introducing Blake and Jacqueline.

After Bella Mae was adopted, Riker moped around the house while we coordinate the arrival of our newest fur babies.

Originally called Timbit and London Fog, we’ve since renamed them Blake and Jacquie.

These little kittens are about 4 months old. They were rescued at 3 months old from cat colony near a mechanic shop on Weston Rd. Once they were rescued, they lived with another ACR volunteer for about a month while they were getting back into full health. When they were ready to get more socialization, they moved in with us.

Because they spent so much of their early lives outside, this brother and sister pair were quite afraid people when they first moved in. Fortunately, they fell in love with Riker immediately, and he’s helped them become comfortable in our home.

Now, 4 weeks later, they’re becoming more sociable by the day.

Despite their initial unwillingness to get up close and personal with us, these kittens are adorable.

Blake has a bold and curious little personality. It’s clear that he was adept at living on the streets, because he has a keen nose for food. He knows how to open a pizza box, and more than once we’ve seen him rooting through the garbage.

Jacquie is much more shy than Blake, though she loves to play, and loves to find a comfy spot to nap. She’s curious, but likes to let Blake lead any new adventures.

Both of these little kittens are lively and loving. The spend their mornings and evenings chasing each other around our home, and spend all day cleaning each other, and napping together.

Check out photos of these fur babies below!

kittens are kittens.


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