Good News for Bella Mae!

It’s been a few months since our friend Bella joined us here in our little cat zoo. It’s been an interesting time.

For her first 2 weeks here, we never saw her away from her spot under the bed, though we did hear her moving around at night when we were in bed.

Slowly but surely, Bella has become an active member of our household. She loves to be petted, she loves eating wet food and treats, and she loves to play with the ‘feather’ cat toy. She also likes to taste test any food we’re eating on the coffee table – a sure sign of a former outdoor cat.

Bella is ridiculously cute, which is why we’re not surprised that she’s been adopted! Bella moves to her new home this week. We’ll be sad to see her go, but we’re sure we’ll have some cute new friends for Riker soon.

These latest photos of Bella show just how comfortable she’s become with the indoor cat life:


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