Meet Bella Mae

We’ve been fostering Bella Mae since mid-December.

Our go to ACR foster expert and cat rescuer extraordinaire, Liz, rescued Bella from a situation where she was living in a suburban backyard.

After moving around a bit to different foster homes, she was very cautious in our home, but has slowly warmed up.

We started off by calling Bella our little vampire cat. Why? She has the cutest little snaggletooth, makes these hilarious hissing noises if you stress her out, and almost exclusively came out from under the bed at night.

Now that she’s relaxed in our home we see Bella out and about our condo on a regular basis. She typically spends the afternoon napping on our couch. In the evenings, while we read, she naps on a nearby chair.

Of course, she also loves to play with our kitten, Riker, and started grooming him for the first time last week. Bella would be a great cat in a quiet home willing to be patient with her. She would also do well with a family that already has cats. She’s the quietest cat we’ve ever fostered, and we think of her as the perfect roommate.

While she so far dislikes/avoids physical contact with us, she’s happy to be nearby, especially if we’re feeding her treats! Over time, we expect she’d be comfortable enough for some cuddling.

Interested in Bella? Contact the Annex Cat Rescue @!


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