6 Reasons to Love Kira.

We’ve had Kira and her kittens living with us since mid-July.

By now, B’Elanna and Data bave been adopted, and we’ve opted to adopt Riker, making us his forever home.

Kira, the one who created these sweet little kittens, is also pretty sweet herself. Because she lived outside in the wild longer than the kittens did, she’s not as comfortable as the others, but she’s still a wonderful, though temporary, addition to our home.

Here are 6 great things that we love about Kira:

  1. She’s still a kitten at heart. When Kira came to live with us, she actually didn’t know how to play. But since she’s been living in a comfortable space, she’s become one of the most playful cats we’ve ever met.
  2. She’s an explorer. We used to keep some of our toys on top of the fridge. Until Kira figured it out and started climbing up there! Her climbing technique isn’t the most graceful, but she hasn’t knocked anything over yet!
  3. She’s vocal. When Kira wants attention, you’ll know it. Like all of her kittens, Kira has a chirpy meow that can sound like a howl or a song, depending what she wants.
  4. She loves attention and affection, even if she doesn’t always know how to receive it. Kira might back away like she doesn’t want you to pet her, but once she’s in your arms, she can’t stop purring. And when you wake up in the morning, you can bet that she’ll be rubbing against your legs for some attention (and food) right away.
  5. She is a super clean cat (with a gorgeous coat!). Kira has the ever popular tortie colouring, and her fur always feels soft and beautiful, certainly because she cleans herself non stop.
  6. She has lots of room to grow. Watching Kira grow and explore and learn has been pretty great. We know that her forever family will also get to see her grow, becoming more comfortable and happy in her new life. And on the day when she climbs up onto bed and sleeps at your feet, your heart will melt.

Check out some of our latest photos of Kira:


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