Meet Data: Kitten 3 of 3

Of all our kittens, Data has had the wildest ride since arriving.

When we picked up our kittens from the Annex Cat Rescue, they told us we had 1 mom, 2 boys (Data & Riker), and 1 little gal (B’Elanna).

So we took them home, watched them play and learn, and promptly assigned them new, Star Trek-themed, names.

Data’s name was a no-brainer. Of all three cats, he was the strongest and the best eater. Despite being shy and hesitant to try new things, he was the quickest study once he tried anything. And yet! He was afraid of litter and thus refused to use the litter box. For his first 10 days with us, there were many things like this. Despite being the smart cat, he struggled the most to pick up the basics… not unlike “Data”, the famous Star Trek character.

In Star Trek: the Next Generation, Data is a super brilliant android, yet struggles to grasp simpler elements of humanity like humour, idioms, etc. And so we called our little boy kitten “Data”.

(Fear not, Data is now totally litter trained!)

Imagine our surprise when we took Data into the Toronto Humane Society to be neutered, and instead found out she was a girl who got spayed!

Somehow we missed that little detail. And so we have a little girl kitten by the name of Data.

She was the shyest of the bunch, but she’s quickly become the most precious little lap cat. Data loves to be loved, and will gladly spend long periods of time curled up in your arms, purring away, while you scratch her head and belly. The other day, she actually fell asleep beside me in bed while I scratched her!

She’s also become quite curious. She’ll come looking for you when she needs attention, and she’ll curl up beside you on the couch in the evening.

Interestingly, she’s the only cat who watches Star Trek with us.

Check out this video of Data enjoying some love. If you’re looking for a playful and loving cat to join your family, Data is the one for you.

And of course, some photos of Data being adorable:


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