Get to know Kira!

We share a lot of photos and videos about the kittens, so it’s time to share the spotlight with their mom, Kira. She’s practically a kitten herself!

Just over a year old, Kira was a very young mom when she was rescued from a cat colony out in Halliburton. But don’t let her country roots fool you, this city gal enjoys the indoor life.

In the time that she’s been with us, Kira has grown leaps and bounds in every way. “Leaps and bounds” is also an apt description of her evening activities. After a day of napping in the sun, she loves to run around and play.

Given her past, it took some time for her to learn how to play, but we’ve seen her jump a couple of feet into the air in pursuit of a feather on a string. Safe to say that she’s been learning well. Her favourite toys are anything small that she can bat around with her paws, but she loves to play tag with the kittens.

Kira has an independent streak, much like her namesake (Major Kira Nerys of Star Trek Deep Space 9), but she knows how to show some love. It’s rare to start a morning without Kira meowing and rubbing up against our legs. And when you’re scratching her ears, her purring is just as loud as the kittens’ rumbles!

Her maternal experience has made her a great lover of other cats, and her young spirit makes her every move worth watching. Combined with her gorgeous tortie colouring, Kira is truly one of the most striking cats we’ve ever fostered.

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Check out photos and video below of Kira being her lovely self:


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