Meet B’Elanna: Kitten 2 of 3

Like Riker, B’Elanna has already met her forever family, so I’ll keep this brief.

Named after the fearless head of engineering on Star Trek Voyager, this little lady is possibly fearless, or possibly just too chill to be afraid. Her unique light orange and grey colouring set her apart just as much as her ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. Seriously, if you pay attention you can catch B’Elanna sleeping while sitting upright. This also means that it takes less than 10 seconds of belly rubbing for her to fall asleep right in your arms.

Despite her sleep-anywhere-anytime attitude little princess is the fussiest when it comes to food. If the food isn’t fresh, she’ll put up her nose and walk away. If there’s too much competition for dinner at the table, she’ll again just walk away.

So, she’s remained smaller than her siblings but we know that she’ll grow quick once she starts eating dry food. And being small doesn’t mean she’s not strong. This brave, curious little kitten has no fear of playing aggressively with her brothers, or getting into all the nooks and crannies in our home.

Her unique colouring are well matched to her unique personality. Once she’s been spayed she’ll be leaving us to join a new family and meet her new big brother. Check out this video to see how beautiful she is! We’ve also added some photos below.



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