Meet the Kittens!

In 2014, Kevin and I moved out of Toronto to pursue life and adventures abroad. Unfortunately that meant we had to give up fostering with the Annex Cat Rescue.

Earlier this summer we moved back to Toronto. We planned on getting back into fostering within a few months, and it’s happened sooner than expected. Two weeks into our move, the ACR posted a notice on Facebook about a mom and 3 kittens who needed a foster home. They were beyond cute. I showed Kevin the photo, and he agreed that the idea of 4 cats in our new condo was just too good to pass up. That was on a Thursday. By Tuesday they’d moved in.

They came to us with names, all plant related, since they were rescued from a cat colony in Halliburton. After a few days, we chose new names that aligned with their personalities and continued our Star Trek cat theme. We’ll be submitting individual postings about them soon, but for today, meet Mama Kira & her kittens: Riker, Data, and B’Elanna

As you can imagine, they’re incredibly adorable. When they first moved in, we had them coralled into our office area, but within 5 days they’d learned how to escape. By day 7 they were all litter trained. And as of today (3 weeks later) they’ve all learned to eat cat food!

We’re taking a ton of photos. Here are some of our favourites (in order to most recent to least recent, so scroll all the way down to see them at their smallest):


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