A special post: Help the Ginger Boys find a Forever Home!

Typically this blog only focuses on cats that my roommates and I are fostering, but today is a special day. Two beautiful little cats, Wendell and Riley, have just joined the Annex Cat Rescue network, and they’re looking for a forever home that will take them in together.

Wendell and Riley are brothers (about two years old) who were rescued from the woods near Chelsea Quebec. They were discovered by a kind hearted person who heard them crying and was finally able to get close to them to see that they needed a home, and medical attention. They have lived in harmony with other cats but they only need each other. As Wendell has only one eye, he relies on Riley, bringing them much closer than most siblings. Wendell and Riley are very active and love to play and groom each other. Wendell (the cat with one eye) is the curious cat – he wants to be with you and follow you and find out exactly what you are up to. Riley is more cautious at first but it does not take long before he enjoys being held and snuggling on your lap!

Check out their photos below! Would you consider bringing them into your home?

Interested in adopting the Wendell and Riley? Let us know!


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