Yoda, welcome him you should.

Those adorable kittens, Peanuts and Marylou, were quickly scooped up and adopted into a forever home at the beginning of January. They now get to live and play with a family that includes 2 young kids – we’re not sure who will be having more fun, but either way everyone will be tired at the end of the day!

Of course, that’s sad news for us and for Jean-Luc, who had become quite fond of those little guys. So, last week we welcomed a new friend into our home: Yoda.

Yoda, rescued from a construction site after he was a few months old, has had a rough go of things, and spooks easily. After hopping from one rescue mom to another, he’s landed with us! Although he’s a bit shy and skittish, he has the cutest short little legs, loves to play, and he’s super curious. He gets along well with Luc, and has no problem jumping on our legs while we’re sleeping, so we’re confident he can break out of his shell. So far we’ve learned that he loves feather wands, laser pointers (duh), pouncing on feet under the bed sheets, treats, and napping in the sunlight. We’re looking forward to playing with him and helping him get ready to find his perfect forever home soon!


4 thoughts on “Yoda, welcome him you should.

  1. Anonymous says:

    My son and I have been looking at your blog. We love Jean Luc Picard.
    Did you realize that Yoda is probably a Bengal? We adopted a cat just like him form ACR. Loves to play with our feet, jumps very high, and has the most gorgeous spotted belly!

    • Heather says:

      Thanks for sharing! We didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back at these photos, I definitely agree that Yoda could be a Bengal/Bengal-mix. I hope he’s been able to grow into his full Bengal personality with his forever family. I will try to add more updates about Jean Luc Picard soon. He’s living with my parents in the suburbs now and is an absolute King (has 4+ beds and a water fountain to drink from)!

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