We got KITTENS!!!

Since we started fostering, we’ve been hesitant to take in kittens, and hesitant to take in more than 1 cat. However, an opportunity came up for two kittens that we just couldn’t turn down. Maybe we’re just in the holiday spirit, but we decided to take a chance and try something new. Last Thursday morning we began fostering 2 adorable kittens: Peanuts and Marylou. An adorable brother-sister combo, Peanuts and Marylou were a mere 12 weeks old when we they came to live with us. They left behind their sister Deanna to continue her socialization with her rescue mom.

They were born on Sept 2, 2013 in a neighbourhood around Albion rd and Hwy 27 in a backyard. Their mom brought them to the house where she goes and eats everyday from an 82 year old lady in the neighbourhood nearby. Both love belly rubs, cuddles, and playing. Peanuts is a bit more cautious than Marylou, but she’s a daredevil, so we can’t blame him for not keeping up with her. Because they’re so young, they’re also quite small. To adapt them slowly to our home, they’ve been living in our bedroom, which means we’ve turned our room into a veritable cat paradise: cat toys, water, kitten food, a cat condo, the works. Our cat, Jean-Luc Picard, is amused and a bit bewildered by these little kittens. They’re a bit too small for him to play with yet, but they certainly love following him around and chasing his tail! Check out some of the latest photos we’ve taken of the three of them hanging out and playing around. Enjoy!

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